Plym Projekt is a fast growing still quiet young company in Växjö, Sweden. We work with interior design, concept developing, store planning, visual merchandising and education to name a few. Our speciality is public and commercial spaces. Usually we work very close with our customers to find the most suitable solution for each project with focus on needs and functions. We would say that we are the link between the architects and furniture supplier. All our projects develops through a well planned working process that we’ve developed in the company over the years. This process makes sure that the project is moving in correct speed and step by step reaches its final result. During our years in the industry we’ve had the honor and privilege to work with successful and big companies in Sweden and all over the world.

We believe that the key to a successful project lies in a close relationship with the customer. To constantly strive for efficient usage of square meters and to keep a critical approach gives ambition and the thrive to always moving forward. Interior and the spaces we surround our selfs in has a direct impact on our wellbeing, a well planned interior creates both a good environment as an attractive employer while it also strengthens the brand. By innovation and design new meeting places can be made and open areas givs a more efficient and transparent organization. We also believe that the correct choice of furnitures can replace a lot of less flexible solutions.